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Silvermont Park & Mansion

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  • Silvermont Mansion
  • 3 Tennis Courts
  • 2 Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Walking/Nature Trail (3/4 mile)
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Gardens of Silvermont
  • Silvermont Museum
  • Parking


June 16, 2015

The Silvermont Mansion is currently undergoing extensive renovations to the interior and surrounding areas.  The Parks and Recreation Department will not be taking reservations until the project is near complete.  For more information, please call 884-3156.
Silvermont Park & Mansion

Silvermont is a 33 room Colonial Revival mansion located on an 8 acre park in downtown Brevard.  The park is operated by the Transylvania County Parks and Recreation Department and is open to the public seven days a week, 7am-10pm.  The park features an historic mansion, tennis and basketball courts, a nature trail, picnic shelter, and the Gardens of Silvermont.  

Joseph Simpson Silversteen (1879-1958)  immigrated to the US from Russia with his family in 1887.  As a young adult he moved to western North Carolina and founded the Toxoway Tanning Company in 1902 and the Gloucester Lumber Company in 1910.  But of all of Silversteens accomplishments, the most identifiable in the county is the Silvermont mansion.  Completed in 1917, the home was occupied by the family members for several decades.  The last surviving daughter, Dorothy Silversteen Bjerg, willed the estate to the citizens of Transylvania County in 1972 with the stipulation that the property be used for recreational purposes. 

By 1981, the house had deteriorated and was recommended to be demolished.  Several citizens voiced their discontent, leading to the formation of the local board, "Friends of Silvermont" and placement of the home on the National Register of Historic Places.   

For the last three years, Silvermont has seen great improvements, inside and out.  A museum was established on the second floor (see article below), gardens were created on various parts of the property, and the facility is now home to the Silvermont Opportunity Center. 

To learn more about Silvermont Park and Mansion, please call 884-3156. 
Silvermont Museum

The Silvermont Museum was opened to the public in January of 2011.  Behind the efforts of volunteers Lee Stewart and Jan Osborne, nine rooms on the second floor of the mansion are now restored to reflect the lifestyle and times of the Silversteen family.  The museum includes a photo gallery of family members taken in the early 20th century, original furniture, and many other authentic items from that time period. 

The Silvermont Museum is open to the public, free of charge, the 3rd Friday of each month (March to October), from 2pm-4pm.   Private tours can also be arranged by calling (828) 884-3166. The second floor is not handicapped accessible. 


The Gardens of Silvermont

The Transylvania County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers (EMGV) opened the Gardens of Silvermont in 2011.  The gardens, located behind the mansion and the carriage house, have three distinct areas, an herb garden, a vegetable garden, a woodland garden, and a rain garden.

With the support of local businesses and volunteers, the EMGV members were able to construct the gardens at a minimal cost.  To learn more about EMGV program or to become a volunteer, please call the Cooperative Extension at (828) 884-3109.

The Silvermont estate also features the "Walk of History" gardens, which runs parallel to Main Street.  Visitors are able to observe many of our native species of plants as well as discover our county's dynamic past.  Signs located throughout the garden denote periods of history and identify trees, such as the the laurel, serviceberry, and the dogwood.  The spring features the beautiful blooms of over 2000 daffodils.  The "Walk of History" was organized and led by the efforts of Brevard resident Jane Shiley.       

Rental Information

The first floor of the Silvermont Mansion can be leased for special events, such as weddings, reunions, civic meetings, and a number of activities.  The first floor includes the following:    

♦2500 square feet (approx.)
♦Tables & Chairs for 60 people
♦Full kitchen
♦Restrooms (ADA)
♦Parking (60 paved spaces)


To reserve Silvermont Mansion, please call 884-3156.

Activities and Events at Silvermont
♦Silvermont Opportunity Center
♦Transylvania Tennis
Mountain Music


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